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Patient Advocacy Support

It is difficult to understand the many different aspects of care when you or a loved one is in the hospital. Sometimes the unexpected complications during the wellness process can be very confusing and overwhelming. Services such as Social Work and Discharge Planning are available for assistance while the individual is hospitalized, but the assistance can be minimal as there are many patients in need and not always the individual attention that the patient or family requires.

CHMS provides comprehensive patient care coordinating services offering:

  • Complete Medical Care Coordination
  • Medication Management Support
  • Doctor Appointment Support
  • Healthcare Follow Up (Patient Responsibility and Doctor to Doctor Communication)
  • Assistance in finding healthcare placement and quality home healthcare services.
  • Assist with the Medicaid Application Process

The Objective Process, Goals and Anticipated Outcomes of Patient Advocacy Services is to:

  1. Enhance Healthcare Outcomes
  2. Enhance Community Healthcare Communication
  3. Enhance Patient Education, Knowledge, Empowerment, and Self Healthcare Management Skills