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Clinical Healthcare Management Services

Cohesively coordinating healthcare services and Providing quality healthcare assessments for enhanced community healthcare outcomes

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Clinical Healthcare Management Services

CHMS is a Healthcare Management Company that offers Patient Advocacy and Preventive Wellness services. Services are centered on Patient Care Coordinating, Preventive Wellness Services to Business, and Community / Agency Healthcare Educational Support and Guidance.  

The goal is to enhance and expand community healthcare services based on individual patient needs. CHMS provides individual patient care coordination, patient advocacy support and healthcare management that ensures accurate clinical data. The purpose is to obtain the status and results of patient services and outcomes for a more enhanced healthcare process. Services are directed and managed by a Nurse Practitioner and/or Registered Nurse (BSN). Direct service support is rendered by Registered Nurses and experienced Clinicians who are licensed to provide quality healthcare support and assessment services.

The focus of CHMS is to also enhance healthcare services and communication per patient need, improve community healthcare education and proactively assist individual patients in navigating through the healthcare service system.

CHMS operates under federal and state guidelines in the effort of ensuring that policies and procedures are consistent according to specific guidelines.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

The best thing about Clinical Healthcare Management Services is that you never have to worry about the ball being dropped no matter what the circumstances are. The Nursing team monitors medications, pays attention to detail, and goes out of their way to be a professional friend to the client. Yet they are very firm when needed, in order to insure the highest quality of health and well-being. The staff at CHMS are very comforting for the client, where they feel safe in the absence of family members. If the person needs to go to the hospital, a nurse stays right there with them. The agency goal however, is to keep people out of the hospital. Whatever is needed will be done, this team doesn't let anything fall between the cracks. CHMS keeps tabs on all of the medical data. And most of all - there is no need for a nursing home. CHMS provides the best of all worlds.
Shad Diamond, PhD